Antre Peaux (ex Bandits-Mages)

Antre Peaux (ex Bandits-Mages)

Since 1991 Bandits-Mages, located in Bourges, France, supports the creation and research in the field of moving image and media arts. The heart of the association is the production and dissemination of film and video as well as sound art and multimedia objects. Its action therefore focuses on three main tasks: artistic production, dissemination of works and raise of awareness. Bandits-Mages offers artists a space of aesthetic freedom and research: a scalable and high-performance multimedia studio, a place of production and exhibition “The Haïdouc” and a residence venue in the city centre. Bandits-Mages presents audiovisual and multimedia art throughout the year in the form of screenings, lectures, discussions as platforms for developing particular questions. Bandits-Mages organises public visual arts training and workshops in relation with audiovisual and multi media via ZAAP (Zône d'activités artistiques et pédagogiques). Since 1992 Bandits-Mages organises a biennial international festival; in this meeting professional seminars are held about issues related to the production process as well as the distribution of certain works at the crossroads of art and films. 

In 2020 Bandits-Mages and Emmetrop are entering a symbiotic process. They’re becoming one, one single organisation: l’Antre-Peaux.

Antre Peaux has the vocation to propose to all, poly, inter and trans artistic interventions, accompanied by the artists of its choice, from local to international and vice versa, to :
- Participate in all forms of creation, production, programs and develop artistic creation in multiple ways,
- Encourage the emergence of innovations through the production of objects of artistic research,
- Work towards a better shared cultural development, diversity and cultural democracy, by promoting access to culture for everyone and by everyone,
- Establish itself as an arts resource centre.

Antre Peaux also intends to meet the needs of the territory through :
- Sharing tools and resources for the benefit of projects of local and regional interest and beyond,
- Transmiting knowledge and skills of everything that participates in the artistic and cultural processes.

24 Route de la Chapelle
18000 Bourges