Zeyno Pekünlü


Zeyno Pekünlü (TR)
  • Zeyno Pekünlü, 2013
  • Zeyno Pekünlü, 2013

Intercambio de hÈroes nacionales o CÛmo aprendÌ a dejar de preocuparme y amar las esculturas fuera de lugaris the title of the work that Zeyno Pekulno registered in EMARE-MEXICO. We selected it with the same unbelief with which she discovered the reason of her residence, but also with the surprise and the expectation of, on the one hand, meet who submitted that unusual project and, on the other hand, to know the final result of this expedition.The project was born from the finding of a statue of Emiliano Zapata, Mexican national hero, in an elegant neighborhood of Istambul, and other statue of Atartuk, Turquish national hero, in an elegant neighborhood of Mexico City. These separated facts -that is to say, that do not form part of a cooperation or friendship or respect signal between both countries - lead Zeyno to a series of questions that he tries to solve investigating in these two countries.Both characters have a very strong personality, a face with high cheekbones, deep look and abundant moustache. Two powerful social fighters that made all what was necessary in order to be nowadays the nations that we are and that still are symbols of fight and liberty are represented. The first question arises in a natural way: How they went to another country? And, after all, what is the reading of this apparently mistake? Why they appeared in these neighborhoods?Also, there were many questions about Zeyno, from which only good findings remained. We discovered a story maker, an anecdote collector that are mixed slowly to result in new narrations of unexpected formats. She is also an adventurous of the image, an untiring searcher, intense and gentle in her scrutiny; specialist deconstructor of official discourses and stereotypes that use the technology more than as a tool as an experimental space. But also we discovered a tenacious critic, a very serious feminist. One of the first conversations with Zeyno was focused in the social movements that there were at that moment in Turkey and, obviously, we talked about the agitated moment that Mexico is facing, facts that in the shadow of Zapata and Ataturk result very significant. Maybe the fight for the democracy, for the equity, for the liberty and the justice will never end, although each individual or collective act is an important step to wide the imaginary, to dissipate the disorientation, the confusion: an instant, above all, of momentary identification.