Pim Zwier


Pim Zwier (NL)
Atemlos / Breathless

DE 2012, video installation

Atemberaubend / Breathtaking

short documentary 27 min

How can we remember or envision animals that died out? The unique zoological collection of the Matin-Luther University in Halls (Saale) provides the option to look history and extinct animals in the (glass) eye.

The collection is still expanding. By following taxidermist and entomologist at work the film reveals the transformation of insects and mammals into becoming specimens for the zoological collection.

Script, Director: Pim Zwier | Camera: Alexander Decker | Camera- Assistant: Hein-Godehart Petschulat | Second-Assistant: Philipp Hoch | Sound: Christian Schunke | Editor: Pim Zwier | Producers: Peter Zorn and Marcie K. Jost | Production: Worklights Media Production GmbH

EMAP/EMARE grants of Pim Zwier