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Nico Angiuli (IT)
Nico Angiuli is a visual artist, performer and film director. Since 2006 has collaborated with Stalker/ON and Ilmotorediricerca on trans-border projects between Italy, Albania, Spain and Greece. In 2011 he starts to develop a series of sculptures, photos and performances, Incarnatio Duabus Rotis Rotatis, based on the private sketchbooks of the artist Pino Pascali. Since 2009, Angiuli is working on labor related issues represented in projects as Ma Vai a Lavorare! (performance, Venice 2009); The Tiles Are Intentions (collective performance, Venice 2010); The Tools' Dance (videoarchive of agricultural gestures, 2010 - 2017). The Tools' Dance – Collective performance was presented live at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, curated by Martina Angelotti (60', 2017, prod. MiBAC - Italian Ministry of Culture and Care/of ). In his projects he invites workers, dancers, philosophers, scientists, students, machines. In 2019, has been granted the 3rd edition of the Italian Council Prize, for the creation of The Human Tools: a large round video-installation which reflects on what a robot is, relating ancient and modern forms of slavery to Artificial Intelligence and robots. Angiuli has just been invited by the Onassis Foundation to work between Athens and Berlin through the 2020-2021 in the frame of EMARE European Media Art Platform.
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The e-commerce algorithms are tools designed – above all – to determine the working praxis of the employees, their postures, and even their attitudes; this is a new body paradigm I define Labor Dollification: a techno-capitalistic practice expressed through standardization, objectivization, self-exploiting and total control of the workers’ bodies. Some examples are the Amazon pickers' parametrized performances; they are imposed a minimum set of targets per minute/per hour/per day; or the "S.M.A.R.T. Gestures" rules according to which the workers can move just in that specific SMART way (where M stands for 'mid-range movements' and T means 'tip not turn').

Amazon Dance will – in the frame of EMAP/ EMARE edition 2021 – investigate the Skuvault algorithm used in Amazon for the storage of items.The research will define a method to translate the Skuvault into a dance score: creating a team (with a software designer, a choreographer, some dancers & workers) we will extrapolate the Skuvault source code and flowchart creating specific “choreographic cells”: a sort of key sequence that brings back the main function of the Skuvault; these cells will be decoded (via software) into dance score and then staged by dancers.

We want, on one hand, to re-materialize the elusive logics that are characterizing globalized and dematerialized work; on the other hand, we want to define one of the bio-political visions relating to the contemporary body and which coincides precisely with the paradigm of Labor Dollification. These algorithms need other narrations to be rematerialized and then displayed out of the fulfillment centres.

Amazon Dance is a broader research that aims, in the next years, to investigate also the algorithms used in Walmart, Alibaba, and eBay for the sorting, the inventorying, the picking, the packing phases; the ones used in the kiva’s rooms (where human workers are required to wear wi-fi jackets), for the functioning of the GPS gun scanners and the electronic bracelets (which have never been used but patented in two different variants in the US).


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