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Martin Nadal (ES)
Martin Nadal (BSc) is an artist/developer based in Linz/Berlin. In the past years he has collaborated in a variety of projects and taught some workshops related to art and technology. He is also interested in illustration and cinematography. And lately is developing few works about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. His works have been shown at Medialab Prado (es), Ars Electronica(at), AMRO Festival (at) y Settimana della scienza (at), ZKM(de), ADAF(gr)
FANGo (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google Obfuscator) (2020)
  • © Martin Nadal
  • © Martin Nadal
  • © Martin Nadal

FANGo is a defense weapon against surveillance capitalism created by artist Martin Nadal. Disguised as a mobile phone charger, FANGo operates as a microcontroller that takes control of the smartphone in which it is plugged-in. Making queries to search engines, uploading videos and liking random photos on popular social platforms, it aims to deceive data brokers and disrupt the data capturing process.

The aim of FANGo is to disrupt the processes and mechanics of surveillance capitalism by adding noise to the captured data. This renders any prediction based on false extracted data useless and therefore also without value. It is an art project which can also be exhibited as an installation, as well as a DIY open project, whose code and 3D model is freely distributed to be built by anyone interested.

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