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Daniel Hengst (DE)
I am a media artist working with video, sound & code. I was born in Leipzig and I currently live in Berlin/Germany. A lot of my works have been and are still being shown in the performing arts f.e. at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Theater Dortmund, ACC Gwangju (South Korea), Staatsoper Kassel, Kampnagel Hamburg and the Sophiensaele in Berlin. Woking as a media artist in the field of the performing arts always challenges me to cooperate and to work together with other art forms, perspectives and opinions. In two pieces I also worked in the role of the so called director and created together with others media-art-performance pieces. In addition, since 2015, works in virtual reality, video- and sound-installations, sound performances, artistic research projects and web projects have been created. F.e. the virtual-reality installation 'my lonesome hologram' (created with Nina Wesemann) was shown at DOK Leipzig in 2016 and received a special mention at the ALife Award in Tokyo, Japan in 2018. Since 2018 I am also researching with the Australian Artist and Curator Bek Berger in four european countries for the project 'Art for Landscapes', supported by CreativeEurope. The project explores whether and how it is possible to make art for the gaze of non-human subjects. My works often deal with the society-changing potential of digital technologies and focussing more and more on the presence of non-human subjects. My tools are often algorithmic principles, generative processes or the dedicated use of randomness. In 2014 I received the Dr.-Otto-Kasten-Prize that was awarded by the Deutscher Bühnenverein. In autumn 2020 a new Virtual Reality work will be created in the RIXC Gallery in Riga/Latvia in the framework of EMAP/EMARE.
Blooming Love (2020)
  • © Daniel Hengst
  • © Daniel Hengst
  • © Daniel Hengst
  • © Daniel Hengst

„Cultivate [..] a taste for Planthroposcene porn: art that keeps people in the game by staging intimate relations between plants and people; art that figures “nature as lover, not mother”; art that lures us into the realm of more-than-human pleasures. - Natasha Myers, HOW TO GROW LIVABLE WORLDS (2018)

When will sight become touch?

This intimate environment in which we are held and with which we sense and experience the world. It is the possibility for transformation and at the same time the reassurance of ourselves. A view of naked skin.

Each of her distant, vague touches breathes life into this body, gives it its color and warms it. Every second tiny tremors let her passion flow through the dermis in its veins.  This body of skin responds to the gift: in its independence from her, the body turns to her with longing. Warm and soft, from one mould looseley enclosing the inside - the fine hairs give the look to the skin a direction. She entwines herself in woundless openings of this body.  This body dances with her constantly and almost invisibly, lets itself be guided by her, enjoys her selfless tendency to excess.

Slowly I realize that I am this body, which I look at in an excited embrace with leaves, branches and tendrils while they are exchanging gases and liquids.

How can I understand something through seeing?

'Blooming Love' – is a VR Experience wich is more of a sculpture than a computer game. Its a generative surrounding of sounds, digital objects and recursions that lets your gaze 'interact' with this world.

Video (password required): http://vimeo.com/453718620
Professionals: for password request contact info@emare.eu

EMAP/EMARE grants of Daniel Hengst

RIXC (2020)