Birk Schmithüsen


Birk Schmithüsen (DE)
Birk is an audiovisual artist based in Leipzig (DE). His work explores emerging technologies that affect our everyday lives. He is interested in the actual functionality hidden in a black box behind the simple and intuitive user interface. As the increasing complexity of digital systems increases the alienation between people and the services used, he opens the black boxes in aesthetic experiments. For his artistic research he uses non-perceptible, abstract concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, BigData and Computer Vision as artistic material. He combines installation, sound, visual and conceptual elements. His artistic practice is intermedial and immersive. He works as a solo artist but also in collaboration with musicians, performers and researchers. His works were shown at Chaos Communication Congress Hamburg and re:publica Berlin and he performed with KollektivArtesMobiles at at.tension festival Kulturkosmos Lärz.
Speculative Artificial Intelligence / Exp. #2
  • Image: courtesy of the artist

The aesthetic experiment Speculative Artificial Intelligence / Exp. #2 investigates the autonomous creativity of AI systems. Communication between two AI takes place in a human comprehensible range through direct audiovisual translation. The systems are interconnected to create a closed circuit in which both AI interact. Visitors can follow the exchange and intuitively experience the behavior of the neural networks. One system can "hear" sounds and "create" images, the other system can "see" images and "play" sounds.

This creates a feedback loop between two machines that creates their endless audiovisual composition. In order to produce the concrete aesthetics of neural networks, the audiovisual translation is as direct as possible and not translated into representations of our habitual environment.

The state of the neural networks is reflected in simple light brightness and pure audio signals. The uninterpreted raw data create its own aesthetics and show the processes within the AI. Both networks work together to develop an abstract, audiovisual language. Visitors can intervene in the communication between the AI systems.