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Aay Liparoto (BE)
Aay Liparoto (1987, USA) is a multidisciplinary artist who uses long term performance as a form of research, seeking value creation through art practice. The works touches a range of topics such as debt, intimacy, friendship, privacy, isolation and the examination of normative gender identities. Their output is predominately video, text and performance, working with accessible technology, personal digital archives and DIY strategies to reflect on the mechanics of the everyday life. The work is largely auto ethnographic and often requires participation. This is typified in the series Andrew Has His Period (2015 ) which is centred around a 9 month long performance in daily life, examining the power of the banal in gender performativity. The short film Andrew a Strong Courageous Warrior which premiered at the 2016 International Film Festival Rotterdam and book Andrew Has His Period (Anecdotes of Androgyny) continue to be key catalyst for their work . In 2017 and 2018 Liparoto received Flanders Cultural Development Scholarship, with which they produced the short film What Devious Cunts We Are during the Dusangneuf Osangsett Residency Brussels (2017). This and their installation Everyone’s Invited created for Nucleo Solo Residency (2018), reflected on the isolation, friendship and social class. Plural Authorship Collective is a playful collaboration between Aay Liparoto & Zed Morales. Their short documentary We Were Fools For Thinking it Was Going to Be Fun (2019) is a snapshot of friendship and anxiety to succeed. Liparoto is currently living and working in Brussels.
no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome (2019)

no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome is a speculative choir piece housed within a ‘void pod’, by Aay Liparoto, FACT’s 2019 EMAP artist-in-residence. In their work, Liparoto acknowledges our interdependence with technology for information, work, sex, entertainment, communication, socialising, banking, healthcare and the crossovers in between. What does this web of interdependence mean for queer feminist bodies which rely heavily on more DIY information exchange? no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome invites us to question the politics and power of the spaces we participate in online, and the behaviour of ourselves and others within them via the ‘void pod’. Housing a new sound piece created through workshops with HOT BODIES – CHOIR a queer, LGBTIEA+ and feminist choir based in Brussels. In the pod, cocooned with light and sound, their voices invite us to reflect and question these spaces and behaviours.

Liparoto’s artwork has been informed by their ongoing research Not Found On, part of which they carried out during their residency, where they held workshops across Liverpool with the aim to dicuss the co-creation of an online knowledge bank with, by and for feminist queer bodies to record and exchange community knowledge.

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