PROFILING THE PROFILERS @ 26th Biennial of Design, Ljubljana
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  • © will participate with ONLINE CULTURE WARS and PROFILING THE PROFILERS in the exhibition Common Knowledge to the 26th Biennial of Design, Ljubljana.
The exhibition opens 16 January 2020 at 18:00.

The map Online Culture Wars is an overlay of hundreds of politicised memes, along with influential political figures and symbols. It is designed as a discussion starter, intended to visualise and contextualise the ongoing online culture wars, and some of the main political references, actors and influencers. From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Gab or 4chan, one of the by-products of online culture wars is the over-politicisation of seemingly mundane topics, products, practices and cultural elements. In recent years, online cultures have been subjected to a growing polarisation, politicisation and radicalisation, influenced by numerous actors and magnified by social networks. This cartography offers a representation of online ideological and political frictions, integrated into the visual system of a Political Compass meme.

Based on state of the art big data analytics techniques, PROFILING THE PROFILERS generates a series of highly detailed digital profiles of big tech companies – ie. psychological, cultural and political profiles – similar to the ones constantly generated for each user by these very same companies. In other words, this algorithm performs a sousveillance of big tech companies using their own tools.

no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome @ transmediale, E2E
  • © Aay Liparoto

Aay Liparoto with HOT BODIES - CHOIR present no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome at transmediale 2020 within the group exhibition The Eternal Network, opening 28th Jan:

In their work, Aay Liparoto acknowledges our interdependence with technology for information, work, sex, entertainment, socialising, healthcare and the crossovers in between. What does this web of interdependence mean for queer feminist bodies, which rely more heavily on DIY information exchange? Housed in a ‘void pod’, the speculative choir piece presented here, is created through workshops with HOT BODIES – CHOIR a queer, LGBTIEA+ and feminist choir based in Brussels. Cocooned with light and sound, their voices invite us to reflect and question the power and politics of the spaces we participate in online and the behaviour of ourselves and others.

The artwork has been informed by Liparoto’s ongoing research and evolution of the Not Found On wiki—. This is an online project co-created through a series of workshops with, by and for feminist queer bodies to record and exchange knowledge. The adjoining publication-  Everything you own you’ve had to build on stolen ground - chronicles the collective process and thinking behind used in Include your community Workshops.


EMARE and PMMC films @ chaos communication congress
  • © Birk Schmidthüsen

29.12.2019, 4pm at the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Leipzig, Messehalle 2, there will be a presentation of the film programme FENCE SHARPENING with EMARE and PMMC film productions, amongst them Artificial Intelligence by Doug Fishbone, Fence Sharpening by Leopold Kessler, the presentation of Wachter/Jud: Tools for the next revolution
and the installation SPECULATIVE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / EXP. # 2 by Birk Schmithüsen.

The platform annually awards production grants to outstanding European media artists and supports research, production, presentation and distribution of media art in Europe and beyond.

Short history:
1995 the European Media Artists in Resicence Exchange (EMARE) was initiated by werkleitz, Hull Time Based Arts and Intermedia Department Budapest.
The ongoing residency exchange had various partners and members during the years. In 2007 the European Media Art Network (EMAN) was founded as institutional backbone for the EMARE program.
In 2007 and 2008 EMAN received support from the European Union's 'Culture 2007–2013' programme to organise a series of residencies for European artists as part of the residency programmes of the four EMAN members. In 2012 and 2013 the EU supported an exchange of European and Mexican artists for residencies at the four European EMAN members and media art labs in Mexico. For 2014 and 2015 EMAN received similar EU funding to organise a residency exchange for artists from Europe, Canada and Australia.
In 2017 newly founded EMAP (European Media Art Platform) has started to offer grants in 11 member institutions all over Europe.

The three EU fundings for these activities resulted in the move exhibitions and werkleitz festival series in Halle:
2018 EMAN expands to 11 European countries and transforms with the help of the Creative Europe funds into EMAP!