The call for 2020 and 2021 is closed.
The next call for 2022 is expected to take place in autumn 2021.

no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome @ ArtContest2020
  • © ArtContest

EMARE alumni Aay Liparoto is one out of ten artists chosen in this year's edition of ArtContest2020 (Begium) and his EMAP supported installation no bodies welcome | all bodies welcome is going to be part of the ArtContest2020 exhibition.

Exhibition Oct 1 til Oct 24, 2020
Venue: Vanderborght Gebouw, Rue de l’Ecuyer 50, 4e étage, 1000 Bruxelles

Quarantine – EMAP group show @ art workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik
  • Quarantine EMAP group show + workshops

KONTEJNER presents in collaboration with UR Institut and Art workshop Lazareti an exhibtion of selected art works produced within EMAP – European Media Art Platform.

Opening: 09.09.2020 at 7 p.m.
Duration: 10.09. – 13.09.2020.

Free admission.

The works within the Quarantine exhibition are based on natural sciences and cybernetics. Profusely detailed and vastly imaginative, these works conceptualize the frail balance of cohabitation of living beings on Earth. Inspired, on the one hand, by latest scientific research, and the imaginings of posthuman subjectivity, as well as political and ethical assessments about the future, on the other, these works frequently venture into exciting and experimental theories.

By addressing issues such as pollution, interspecies communication, climate change, the posthuman body and the Anthropocene, the works underscore the need for new values and ethical principles. The selected artists are far from being indifferent to life, rather, they create their own visions and narratives, thus integrating the long-disconnected notions of nature and the human.

Curated by Olga Majcen Linn and Tereza Teklić (KONTEJNER).

Participating artists: Anna Dumitriu & Alex May (UK): Archaeabot: A Post Singularity and Post Climate Chnage Life-form, Daniela Mitterberger & Tiziano Derme (MAEID Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst) (AT): The Eye of the Other III “On Flowers”, Kat Austen (UK/DE): Stranger to the Trees, Quimera Rosa (ES/AR/FR): Trans*Plant: an OncoMouse™ journey, Robertina Šebjanič (SI) & Gjino Šutić (HR): aqua_forensic, Taavi Suisalu (EE): Waiting for the light

supported by: Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb – Municipal Office for Culture, Kultura Nova Foundation, National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

OPEN – Living Beings and Their Dangerous Liaisons @ Kontejner
  • Touch Me Festival 2020

KONTEJNER presents within the framework of the 6th edition of the Touch Me festival an exhibition of seven selected artworks produced within EMAP – European Media Art Platform.

Opening: 17.09.2020 at 7 p.m.
Duration: 18.09. – 03.10.2020.

Free admission.

In the midst of crisis and forbidden touches, KONTEJNER is grasping new futures! Since 2005 and through its five past editions, Touch Me has so far explored dark matter, time, pleasure, intelligence and energy ab/use. Developing continuously at the intersection of art and science, this year Touch Me festival is bigger than ever!

The exhibition programme, sound performances, lectures, artist talks, workshops and film programme gather works in the field of exploratory and interdisciplinary arts and experimental sound. Along with the thematic outline which focuses on new forms of coexistence between living beings, nature and technology, the festival also brings KONTEJNER’s curatorial exhibition “OPEN – Living Beings and Their Dangerous Liaisons” as part of EMAP – European Media Art Platform, curated by Olga Majcen Linn and Tereza Teklić (KONTEJNER).

Participating artists: Anna Dumitriu & Alex May (UK): Archaeabot: A Post Singularity and Post Climate Chnage Life-form, Daniela Mitterberger & Tiziano Derme (MAEID Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst) (AT): The Eye of the Other III “On Flowers”, Kat Austen (UK/DE): Stranger to the Trees, Quimera Rosa (ES/AR/FR): Trans*Plant: an OncoMouse™ journey, Robertina Šebjanič (SI) & Gjino Šutić (HR): aqua_forensic, Taavi Suisalu (EE): Waiting for the light, uh513 [María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde] (ES): Beyond Human Perception.

We Guide You: EMAP Tour via Zoom
  • ArchaeaBot / Anna Dumitriu (GB), Alex May (GB), Credit: Vanessa Graf

Friday, September 11 2020, 15:00 - 15:45 (UTC +2)

Zoom meeting

with this guided tour EMAP members give a look into their Ars Electronica Festival contribution and into projects which focus on ecological issues. To many ecological challenges of our time a sollution will be only to find in creative and cooperative approaches.

EMAP (European Media Arts Platform) is such a platform for collaborative practices. It hands out annual grants to outstanding european media artists and supports research, production, presentation as well as distribution of media art.

Registration needed:
Limited number of participants!

EMAP @ Ars Electronica Festival 2020
  • © Marìa Castellanos, Alberto Valverde
  • © Daniel Hengst
  • © Stefan Laxness
  • © Kasia Molga

Hardly any other phrase has been used so often in recent months as that the world will be a different place after this crisis – prophetically, often as a glimmer of hope, more often as a threat. Is this true, and if so, what will be the changes? This question is the focus of this year’s Ars Electronica.

As is the case for many cultural organisations, Ars Electronica had to rethink its festival and adapt to the challenges we have all been facing this year.  One of our main aims is to ensure that the festival still functions as a platform for our community, and so we’ve teamed up with a large number of partner institutions in Europe and across the globe to host a decentralised festival across many locations, and bringing all those programmes together through a shared online platform.

Fitting in with this concept, we are also introducing a new, artist-led guided tour format. Because we could not invite the community to Linz this year, we instead invited artists, researchers and creative producers to introduce us to their practice of art thinking through taking us on a video journey.

The following artists are part of our EMAP Residency Journeys, the name of the online EMAP Group Show this year:

Kasia Molga (UK/PL) - How to make an Ocean?
Stefan Laxness (UK) - Learning from The Commons: a keystone towards a rewildered Future (co-produced by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial)
Daniel Hengst (DE) - skip-the-line entrance. a collaborative guide to a speculative berlin.
María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde (ES) - Beyond Human Perception (co-produced by KONTEJNER)
Forms of Ownership (INT) - Viral Fiction

Besides the EMAP Group Show, several EMAP Partners are part of the Ars Electronica Festival this year with their own programme:
Antre-Peaux in Bourges
FACT in Liverpool
IMPAKT in Utrecht
KONTEJNER in Dubrovnik/Zagreb
LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón
Onassis Stegi in Athens
RIXC in Riga
WRO Center in Wroclaw

The Festival is online from 09-13.September 2020.

  • © Kasia Molga

Since lockdown began, artists Kasia Molga (Poland/UK) and Ivan Henriques (Brazil/Netherlands) have been exchanging letters to overcome their physical separation as they prepare for an exhibition. Their correspondence speculates on the possibilities of transforming and transporting bodies, at the molecular level. Their exchanges create a world somewhere between reality and the imaginary, which operates from the interconnectedness of all living things.

For Arts Electronica Garden Liverpool, join FACT for an online conversation with the artists as Molga and Henriques talk through the creation of Natural Glitch and discuss the broad scope of this evolving project, and how this first chapter of their journey has been transformed into interactive fiction. Hosted by Lesley Taker (FACT Exhibition Manager).

Watch live on Youtube on Friday 11 September at 18:00 (BST).

Future Life @ LaBoral

Imagining future life at the present time seems to be a very difficult exercise. Especially now, when reality has surpassed all fiction, it is hard to envision a future that is not dystopian. The alteration of bodies, identities, and all kinds of social, economic, and environmental systems characterizes a present in which everything is interconnected. This network of increasingly sensitive and vulnerable relationships and interdependencies forces us to live in a time of constant change and uncertainty.

In recent years, many of the projects produced by the European Media Art Platform (EMAP/EMARE) have lent visibility to these systemic disturbances of the status quo.  These works address the marginal areas of a social and cultural fabric that is increasingly damaged, torn, and immersed in a fragile balance. These proposals enable us to sense, and even understand, that the current pandemic must be a consequence, not a cause, of what is occurring.

Based on systems theory applied to biological, social, technological, and cultural spheres, the six interconnected projects in the Vida Futura (Future Life) exhibition propose a variety of connections on different scales and contexts. The first group of artists focuses on the microscopic realities of existence.

The Quimera Rosa collective works with blood and chlorophyll to investigate the connections between human and plant life. Marco Barotti uses microbial cultures, robotic clams, and sensors to make ocean pollution audible. And Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutić use scientific images to show how chemical waste affects fresh water and groundwater.

The second group works on a macro scale. Stefan Laxness uses different digital devices to explore the model of neighboring mountains, analyzing the viability of environmental restoration of the land to promote more sustainable development.

Anna Ridler applies artificial intelligence algorithms so that something apparently as natural as a tulip is altered in shape, texture, and color, depending on the fluctuations of financial markets at the global level., a collective, shows us the new icons, practices and virtual devices that characterize the increasingly polarized and radical scenarios of on-line social and cultural networks.

The works in this exhibition are the result of the EMARE (European Media Art Residence) call issued by the European Media Art Platform (EMAP), aimed at European artists working with new technologies. The program aims to foster collaboration among artists and institutions that use these media.

Curated by: Karin Ohlenschläger

Empathy Swarm @ Impakt livestream
  • © Katrin Hochschuh & Adam Donovan

Empathy Swarm is a swarm of 50 robots, of whom more and more will participate in the life sessions of human –  that is you – robot interaction.

In times of self-isolation and social distancing, unfortunately you can’t meet the robots in physical space, but we found a platform, called “” which is widely used among gamers to view and engage with their online community. This platform enables our robots to perform for you and even – although with a bit more work – to receive your input.

The next livestream on will take place on 28 and 29 August from 18:00 – 21:00.

Coralie Vogelaar @ HEK Basel: Real Feelings
  • © Coralie Vogelaar
Event/opening: Wed, 26.08.2020, 19:00
Duration: 27.08. – 15.11.2020

In the 21st century, emotions have increasingly come into focus – how they can be manipulated and controlled by technology, because they influence our society and our lives. Today major technology companies try to manipulate the way we behave by triggering our emotions everyday through smart phones, laptops and personal devices. Researchers at the MIT media lab have developed a machine learning system that ‘reads’ facial expres­sions to determine human emotions. At the same time, young children are being trained to recognise emotions in other human beings – because their ability to do so is failing in the digital age. The barriers between human and machine, emotion and technology seem to be breaking down.

Works by 20 artists are presented in the show, ranging from interactive installations to artificial intelligence, animations, video installations and photography. They explore how technology today represents, manipulates and changes our emotions. Several works will be newly produced in the context of the exhibition. 

Starting at 7 pm, the curators Sabine Himmelsbach, Ariane Koek and Angelique Spaninks will introduce the exhibition. After the speeches, we cordially invite all visitors to visit the new exhibition and have an aperitif in the bistro of HeK.


Margherita Pevere @ ArtLab Berlin
  • © Margherita Pevere

EMAP alumni Margherita Pevere is going to show her work Wombs (partly EMAP sponsored) within the group show THE CAMILLE DIARIES at Art Laboratory Berlin.

Opening: 27 August 2020
Running time: 28 August - 4 October 2020
@ Art Laboratory Berlin, Prinzenallee 34 and OKK, Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin

Online symposium: 26 September 2020

Exhibition & Symposium | Curated by Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz

The exhibition The Camille Diaries. Current Artistic Positions on M/otherhood, Life and Care presents new artistic works by eleven international women and non-binary artists (installations, video, objects, performance). Reflecting on the current conditions of our world (environmental changes, gender aspects, biopolitics, etc.), the artists' positions propose an 'aesthetics of care' as the basis for inter-species coexistence. Here, the planet is understood as a symbiotic web in which we are all entangled with one another (humans, plants, animals, environment) - on molecular, organic, ethical and biopolitical levels. The artistic positions investigate reproductive mechanisms, biochemical connections between humans and nonhumans, and refer to alternative biomaterials as "source of life" in future times of scarcity and crisis.

The platform annually awards production grants to outstanding European media artists and supports research, production, presentation and distribution of media art in Europe and beyond.

Short history:
1995 the European Media Artists in Resicence Exchange (EMARE) was initiated by werkleitz, Hull Time Based Arts and Intermedia Department Budapest.
The ongoing residency exchange had various partners and members during the years. In 2007 the European Media Art Network (EMAN) was founded as institutional backbone for the EMARE program.
In 2007 and 2008 EMAN received support from the European Union's 'Culture 2007–2013' programme to organise a series of residencies for European artists as part of the residency programmes of the four EMAN members. In 2012 and 2013 the EU supported an exchange of European and Mexican artists for residencies at the four European EMAN members and media art labs in Mexico. For 2014 and 2015 EMAN received similar EU funding to organise a residency exchange for artists from Europe, Canada and Australia.
In 2017 newly founded EMAP (European Media Art Platform) has started to offer grants in 11 member institutions all over Europe.

The three EU fundings for these activities resulted in the move exhibitions and werkleitz festival series in Halle:
2018 EMAN expands to 11 European countries and transforms with the help of the Creative Europe funds into EMAP!