The call for 2020 and 2021 is closed.
The next call for 2022 is expected to take place in autumn 2021.

Marco Barotti @ And& Festival in Leuven (BE)
  • © Marco Barotti

Marco Barotti presents his work Clams from April 21 till April 25, 2021 at the And& Festival in Leuven (BE).

Margherita Pevere @ Being one and many. Faces of the Human in the 21st Century
  • © Sanjin Kaštelan

Margherita Pevere will present her research from March 9 till 10 2021 at the international online conference Being one and many. Faces of the Human in the 21st Century at the Medical University of Łódź, Poland. More:

Anna Dumitriu and Alex May talk on "The pandemic and art"
  • © Anna Dumitriu and Alex May

EMAP Artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex May will participate on February 6, in an online talk on "The pandemic and art" for the Sapporo International Art Festival. It will take place at 10:00am (GMT), 11:00am CET.

ArchaeaBot @Oulu Museum of Art (FI)
  • Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, ArcheaBot © Vanessa Graf, Ars Electronica

Anna Dumitriu and Alex May present their work ArchaeaBot from April 17, 2021 until September 5, 2021 in the group exhibition SUPERNATURAL – In the Same World at Oulu Museum of Art.

Bottled Songs @ Document Film Festival in Glasgow
  • © Document Film Festival in Glasgow

On Monday, January the 25th, 6pm (UTC) EMAP Artist Kevin B. Lee opens the Document Film Festival in Glasgow. He will present a online free live performance edition of Bottled Songs - his cross-media, collaborative project with Chloé Galibert-Laîné, exploring terrorist propaganda and its viral circulation in the contemporary mediascape.


virtual exhibition tour @LABoral
  • © LABoral

On January 20, 2021 at 7 pm (CTM+1) LAboral will be streaming a tour through their virtual exhibition When the butterflies of the soul, flutter their wings. You can watch it via FB, youtube and
@LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial


Among others three EMAP/EMARE artists are participating at the exhibition: María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde, Lancel/Maat and Birk Schmithüsen.

Cyborg Futures: Who doesn’t want to live forever? @ IMPAKT
  • Cyborg Futures @ IMPAKT

Join us on 17 December for the launch of the web-project Cyborg Futures: Who doesn’t want to live forever? The online event is free.

The Cyborg Futures web project includes works and presentations by EMAP artists Lancel/Maat and Hochschuh/Donovan, alongside numerous other artists and speakers including: Klasien van de Zandschulp & Ali Eslami, Simon Dogger, Monobanda, Wouter van Noort, Dan Hassler-Forest and Anneke Smelik.

Today’s rapid developments in AI, robotics and science will make people more like machines and vice versa. Not only are we creating robots that are increasingly true-to-life, but we are attempting to move beyond the limits of our impermanent bodies with the help of technological upgrades. Who doesn’t want to live forever? But what if man and machine become so similar that we can no longer tell them apart?  What would it be like to live in a world where technology and the organism have merged? How do we relate to robots and cyborgs that are taken for granted as part of society?

The same evening, Impakt invites you to a special online presentation with Cyborg artist Stelarc. Stelarc has worked on themes like the role of cyborgs, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics ever since the late 1960s, giving his body technological extensions and engaging in extreme interactions with machines. He has swallowed micro cameras to display the inside of his body, had a third ear surgically attached to his left arm, and placed himself in a harness so that the public could control his body remotely.

IMPAKT event and launch web-project:
Cyborg Futures: Stelarc
17 December 2020 // 19:30 h // online
More info and register:

Cyborg Futures is a continuation of a Dutch-German partnership between the NRW Forum and IMPAKT, in collaboration with the Heartwire collective. The project is partly funded by the Dutch consulate in Düsseldorf and Creative Industries Fund NL.

Robertas Narkus @ Venice Biennale 2022
  • Robertas Narkus, prospect revenge performance, CAC Vilnius 2018 © Julijus Balčikonis

EMAP/EMARE artist Robertas Narkus is chosen to represent Lithuania at the 59th Venice Biennale of contemporary art in 2022.

See more:

Martin Nadal Workshop @ Onassis Stegi
  • FANGo © Martin Nadal

FANGo is a defense weapon against surveillance capitalism. Disguised as a mobile phone charger, a microcontroller takes control of the smartphone in which it is plugged in.
In this two-part workshop, the artist will introduce participants to the concept of surveillance capitalism and how it works, and he will present examples of works from other artists who examine similar ideas through their work.

The workshop will take part on Sun 6th Dec 6pm @ Onassis Stegi:

Online Premiere of Seeing I: The Other (Mark Farid)
  • Seeing I by artist Mark Farid. Photography by Milla Lewis

On 4th December 2020, from the moment Ibrahima wakes up, to the moment Ibrahima goes to sleep, his 360 degree, first person point of view life will be shown online. VR compatible. The Other life shown for the first time on Friday, 4.12. 11:45 - 18:45 CET here: and

Seeing I: The Other (2020) is part of the project Seeing I (2021), where artist Mark Farid for 24-hours a day, for 14-days, will wear a virtual reality headset, experiencing life through the eyes and ears of one person; hearing only what they hear and seeing only what they see for two weeks. Seeing I: The Other explores the movement of people in 2020; how different cultures, societies, and languages affects one’s sense of self, and – especially during the coronavirus pandemic – the ability to share in one’s experience and world, only through digital technologies. It shows different people’s lives from around the world streamed online, in a first-person point of view, 360-degree field of view, 24-continuous-hour recording. Exploring how people respond to continuous and constant self-surveillance, whilst also testing bespoke technologies in real-life circumstances.

The EMARE residency has allowed Farid to trial the use of the bespoke recorder internationally for the first time, allowing Farid to further understand the ways in which the personal characteristics, varying cultures and the location of the participants will help determine the final selection of the Other for Seeing I (2021). Farid asks the participants to simply wear the recorder and live their life as they otherwise normally would.

Starting on 4th December 2020, the first life shown on will be that of Ibrahima (36), an asylum seeker from West Africa. In 2003, Ibrahima moved to the north east of England to avoid war, where he was granted indefinite right to remain by the UK government. In 2008 he had his indefinite right to remain status revoked. In 2015, Ibrahima had his indefinite right to remain re-instated by the Home Office; however, he was not given back his passport or national insurance number. For the last 12 years, Ibrahima has been unable to work, leave the UK, or see his children.

The next life shown on will be on 14th January 2021.

The platform annually awards production grants to outstanding European media artists and supports research, production, presentation and distribution of media art in Europe and beyond.

Short history:
1995 the European Media Artists in Resicence Exchange (EMARE) was initiated by werkleitz, Hull Time Based Arts and Intermedia Department Budapest.
The ongoing residency exchange had various partners and members during the years. In 2007 the European Media Art Network (EMAN) was founded as institutional backbone for the EMARE program.
In 2007 and 2008 EMAN received support from the European Union's 'Culture 2007–2013' programme to organise a series of residencies for European artists as part of the residency programmes of the four EMAN members. In 2012 and 2013 the EU supported an exchange of European and Mexican artists for residencies at the four European EMAN members and media art labs in Mexico. For 2014 and 2015 EMAN received similar EU funding to organise a residency exchange for artists from Europe, Canada and Australia.
In 2017 newly founded EMAP (European Media Art Platform) has started to offer grants in 11 member institutions all over Europe.

The three EU fundings for these activities resulted in the move exhibitions and werkleitz festival series in Halle:
2018 EMAN expands to 11 European countries and transforms with the help of the Creative Europe funds into EMAP!